MC Innovations Exceeds the FY18 Goal Set in Support of Montgomery County’s Minority Business Program

Montgomery County is committed to ensuring that its contracting opportunities reflect the rich and growing diversity of the County’s business community. MCI proudly participates in Montgomery County’s Minority Business Program by subcontracting with certified minority firms. MFD-owned businesses contribute significantly to improving the quality of life for Montgomery County residents. They also foster inclusive competition, economically empower businesses, build stronger businesses by creating jobs, bridge the gaps between business, government and communities, and promote free enterprise and commerce. MCI’s goal for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018 was to allocate 18% of our contract value to MFD firms. We are pleased to report that we actually spent 20.53% of our contract value with MFD-owned businesses throughout the year. MCI fully intends to continue to support Montgomery County’s Minority Business Program every year.

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