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Injured Employee Instructions

Authorization is not required for initial medical treatment. A claim number is not required for billing.

For assistance locating a PPO Medical Provider, call a MCSIP dedicated nurse case manager with CorVel at 800.234.5003 or visit www.mcsip.org

To contact a telephonic nurse case manager or adjuster, call CorVel at 800.234.5003 or visit www.mcsip.org for the dedicated team contact information.

Request for diagnostics, physical therapy or surgery require authorization. Submit request by faxing the script to 866.434.0546. This is a dedicated line, limited to request for required authorization.

Related prescriptions are filled with no “out of pocket expense” to the employee. Call CorVel Pharmacy Solutions or visit www.mcsip.org to locate a network pharmacy and obtain a First Fill Instruction Sheet. First Fill is limited to workers compensation.

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure: If exposure occurs, call TruHealth at 301.428.1070; a physician is available 24/7. Additional information is located on www.mcsip.org

Medical Bill Submissions: Provide the doctor’s office/hospital with the billing address. Related bills received at your home address should be sent to CorVel. Using the correct billing address reduces the chance of receiving a collections notice. Billing statements and supporting medical records are sent to:

CorVel Corporation
P.O. Box 6966
Portland, OR 97228

Important Numbers

Dial these numbers if in need.

(240) 777 7644


(800) 422 0009

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