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Return to Work (RTW) Guide

The timely return of injured employees to productive roles in the workforce is one of the key components to recovery from an injury. Released to full duty is the goal however, modified duty may be necessary. If released with limitations, written work restrictions from a medical provider outlining the physical limitations for return to work are required.

When the employee has been released to full or modified duty the supervisor and employee have an important role:

Role of the Supervisor
When the employee is released to full duty
• Provide the claims professional or nurse with the release.
• Provide the employee with the date they are to return to work.

When the employee is released to modified duty 

• Identify who the point of contact will be for the employee during their work assignment.
• Advise the CorVel claims professional or nurse, the date released and expected RTW
• Provide the claims professional or nurse with the completed return to work forms

Role of the Employee

• Notify your supervisor as soon as you are released to work
• Notify your nurse or claims professional of your work status
• Follow Workers’ Compensation procedures as directed by the claims professional to include compliance with the modified duty assignments

Important Numbers

Dial these numbers if in need.

(240) 777 7644


(800) 422 0009

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