Surviving COVID-19 and the New Normal

March 5th Gov. Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency and from that point forward, life as we knew it was forever changed. The dedicated claims team went into action, quickly able to work remotely, never missing a beat. Benefits and care required for injured employees continued. As COVID-19 presented daily challenges, adjustments to services were made, including an emphasis on using Telehealth, Virtual-Physical Therapy, Direct Deposit, and increased usage of pharmacy mail-order services. “CorVel, the third-party administrator and sub-contractor for MC Innovations, did an outstanding job and was a true partner in the process,” says Pearl Monroe, Vice President of MC Innovations and Program Manager for MCSIP. Having the right partners and working together as one team, with the same goal in mind, allowed for successful outcomes.  Monroe is looking forward to things settling down and adjusting to a new normal.

Pearl Monroe can be reached at [email protected]

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