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Fax: (866) 738.0668
Fax Medical Requests Only: (866) 434.0546

Tom PayneAccount Manager[email protected]410.931.5934
Steve SmithWC Claims Manager[email protected]410.931.5929
For Montgomery County Police Department, Department of Transportation, Health & Human Services, Housing Opportunities Commission and Liquor Control
Amy RitzSupervisor[email protected]410.931.5919
LaShanda CottonWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5909
Brenda DetweilerWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5917
Keith Young Jr.WC Claims Professional[email protected]410.933.9874
Janelle DyeWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5902
Theresa BrennanLitigation Specialist[email protected]410.931.5927
For Montgomery County Public Schools
Isaiah PierceSupervisor [email protected]410.933.8074
Vicenta HughesLitigation - Claims Assistant[email protected]240.848.9898
Tyler KolasinskiWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5935
Barbara RiddleWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.933.9867
Angela StevensWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5943
Cindy UhlichWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5949
Deborah WeirWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.933.9855
For Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services
David MelkusSupervisor [email protected]410.931.5918
Bryan BoyntonWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.933.8081
Jim KurtzWC Claims Professional[email protected]240.848.9889
Tierra LawerenceWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5914
Marina EspinosaWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5905
Stacy TerryWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5908
Sue ThiessWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.933.8092
For Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, City of Chevy Chase, Transit Svcs, Dept. of Public Libraries, Alcohol Beverage Services, Recreation, General Svcs, Montgomery College, City of Gaithersburg, Sheriff, Dept. of Correction & Rehabilitation, Bethesda Urban Partnership, Village of Friendship Heights, Rockville Housing Enterprises, City Rockville and City of Takoma Park
Heather BonneySupervisor [email protected]410.931.5915
Janean HazeltonWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5955
Caitlin JohnsonClaims Assistant[email protected]410.931.5912
Clarine “CJ” JohnsonLitigation - Claims Assistant[email protected]410.933.9848
Candi RobinsonWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.931.5921
Roxanne Eilers-JosephWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.933.9866
Ebony KyleLitigation - Claims Assistant[email protected]410.933.8060
Aminah CarrollWC Claims Professional[email protected]410.933.8064

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Dial these numbers if in need.

(244) 777 7644


(800) 422 0009

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