Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report fraud, waste or abuse?

The Montgomery County Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is interested in receiving information about fraud, waste, or abuse related to the County government. Reports may be made anonymously. You can make a report to the Office of the Inspector General in the following ways: call the OIG Hotline: 240-777-7644; send an e-mail to the OIG: [email protected]; or submit an online form to:

How do I obtain an ID and password to CareMC?

Please contact Pearl Monroe at [email protected]. Send email requesting access, include your name, title, work location and telephone number.

How do I report a new Workers' Compensation claim?

The injured employee’s supervisor may report online using CorVel’s CareMC program or by telephone. The employee cannot self-report.

User ID and password are required for CareMC access. The supervisor must contact Pearl Monroe for access. Send email requesting access to [email protected]. Include your name, title, work location and telephone number.

By telephone at 888.606.2562. The Call Center representative will answer “Montgomery County Self Insurance Program, first report of injury”. A representative will receive your call and prompt you through the questions necessary to complete the report. The representative will complete the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) report, electronically forward a copy to the MCSIP dedicated claim office, and return a copy to the reporting individual, if requested.

How do I report a new Liability and Property claim?

There are three methods to report a claim: Email, Fax, and online. Please follow the instructions as noted under Report a Liability Claim and Report a Property Claim.

Does the employee need approval for the initial treatment?

No, the initial medical treatment does not require adjuster approval.

How do I help the injured employee locate a physician?

Physicians with various specialties can be located by accessing the CorVel Workers Compensation PPO Network. In addition a nurse case manager dedicated to the program can be reached at (800) 234-5003 Monday- Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM to assist with locating a physician.

If the employee needs to fill a prescription, what do I tell them?

CorVel provides a large network of area pharmacists with many locations open 24-hours. Immediately following the accident, the supervisor can have the First Fill information sent to the injured employee by email, fax or Smartphone. The First Fill Pharmacy allows the employee to obtain medication related to the injury without any direct cost. Find helpful information here: First Fill Pharmacy Instructions

Locating the nearest pharmacist is easy and only requires the employee’s zip code. Select the Find a Pharmacy link and follow the instructions. A second option is to call CorVel Pharmacy Solutions at 800-563-8438 to speak directly with a customer service representative. A representative is available 24/7.

Where should the employee send medical bills for payment consideration?

All medical bills should be submitted to:

Corvel Corporation
P.O. Box 6966
Portland, OR 97228

The employee has a disability slip from the doctor, what should I do with it?

A copy of the slip should be faxed to the adjuster at 866-434-0546. If the physician indicates the injured worker can return to work with or without restrictions, the adjuster must be notified.

Should I notify the adjuster when the employee returns to work?

Yes, please notify the adjuster once the employee returns to work .

The employee has a question about workers’ compensation benefits, who should they call?

The employee should be instructed to contact the adjuster directly. Please see Contacts for a listing of all adjusters and their contact information.

A individual has filed a liability claim but has questions, who should they contact?

The individual should be directed to the CorVel team, dedicated to handling liability claims. See Contacts for a listing of all claim professionals and their contact information.

Important Numbers

Dial these numbers if in need.

(240) 777 7644


(800) 422 0009

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