Hurricane Florence Update

As you know, many parts of the country are experiencing severe weather.  Maryland, Virginia, DC and North and South Carolina have all issued a state of emergency.

During severe weather, Caremark implements a 10-day emergency supply protocol for all affected areas.

The CorVel Pharmacy Solutions team is kept apprised of all state emergency declarations, and will place an override to allow for the emergency fill when the pharmacy contacts us.

The Pharmacy Solution team follows all state instructions for overrides. The state of Maryland authorized a 30-day override in advance of Hurricane Florence.

Caremark will contact members within the emergency area taking specialty medications to discuss alternate delivery
arrangements, including engaging courier services, if necessary.

CorVel is committed to Injured Workers receiving their medications. Be assured that the Pharmacy Solutions team is kept aware of all areas hit by severe weather and are ready to handle all situations.

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