Report a Property Claim

These services are available to all MCSIP members except Fire & Rescue Services and City of Gaithersburg.

For Property claims, you can use e-mail, fax or telephone. Before using any of the methods, make certain you have the following information:

Standard Report Information

  • Agency name, address and location code
  • Claimant information, please include phone number and address
  • Date the accident occurred
  • Location of the accident and any witnesses
  • Date and time client was notified of the incident
  • Any additional relevant information

View the Location Code Directory here

Reporting Methods

Method 1: E-Mail

Claims can be sent via e-mail to You must follow these procedures when sending:

  • In the Subject Line you MUST have: Montgomery County Self Ins Property
  • In the body of the e-mail, include the standard report information above
  • Provide your name and phone number

Method 2: Fax

Fax the report to 866-777-1668 via the Network. If reporting by fax, please include the fax cover sheet. Download Liability Fax Cover Sheet. Make sure the items you are faxing are clear and legible. The first report representative will receive your fax and submit the results electronically to the handling MCSIP claim office.

Method 3: Telephonic

Call 888-606-2562. The phone will be automatically answered “Montgomery County Self Insurance Program, first report of injury.” A telephonic first report representative will receive your call and prompt you through the questions necessary to complete the report.

Questions? Call MCI at (703) 817-0407.