Web Accessibility Policy Statement
The development and use of this website is to make information available regarding the Montgomery County Self Insurance Program’s programs, services, activities, and facilities accessible to all members of the public, including qualified individuals with disabilities. The website provides conforms to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Accessibility Tips for Using the Web Site
Helpful tips and instructions on how to magnify a browser screen, enlarge text or change the text or background colors, or navigate using a keyboard in order to properly view web pages are provided below:

Web Site Plug-ins
There are numerous files, documents, forms and brochures on the MCSIP site that require a plug-in to display. Many of these files, including Portable Document Format (PDF) files and Microsoft Office files (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Windows Media Player), are very common. Consequently, you may already have the plug-in(s) installed on your computer to display and print these files. However, if you do not, then please use the links listed below to download and install a plug-in that you may need.

Alternative Format Requests for Disabled Users
Please submit alternative format requests to Judy Hayes at or call 804-344-0009 ext. 301.

Alternate format requests should include the following information:

  • Contact information of the person requesting the alternative format (phone, email, first name, last name)
  • The Web Address (URL) of the web page(s) which contain the requested information
  • The nature of the accessibility need
  • Preferred alternative format type (i.e. audio presentation, text file, large print, voice call back, etc…)
  • Preferred medium (i.e. regular mail, email attachment, text message, fax, phone call, etc…)

Web Accessibility Contact Information
MC Innovations is responsible for the compliance of this website. Should you require any assistance with information contained on this website please contact Judy Hays at