On February 8, 2017, Fox 5 reported the inappropriate handling of workers’ compensation claims in Montgomery County.  The Fox 5 story initially reported a Montgomery County firefighter who was alleging he wasn’t being reimbursed for expenses and had not received appropriate treatment.  Further he alleged that CorVel was incentivized to delay and deny treatment.  In fact, CorVel is paid a flat fee for their services and there is no incentive program.  Such an incentive would not only be a detriment to the injured workers’, it would have a negative impact on the program.  The program’s philosophy and procedures are geared to return employees to work as soon as is practical according to medical opinion.  This is in the interest of a healthy outcome for the employee, improved morale, cost savings to the program, the employers (including all Program members), and the taxpayers.

Additionally on February 16th there were allegations made in a Fox 5 sequel report by three MCG “public safety workers”. Following additional investigation by Montgomery County it was concluded that none of the statements had any foundation or merit. It was also noted that one of the complainants was presented as a public safety worker, but is not currently in that capacity and has not worked for the County in public safety.  However, he does work for the County in a non-public safety capacity.

Montgomery County Government’s Public Information Officer (PIO) issued the attached response (see link – PIO response to Fox5 below) in support of the program and states that proper procedures were followed.  Fox 5 issued a letter of apology (see Link – Fox 5 apology below) and pulled the story from their web site.  A copy of the PIO’s communication and the apology letter from Fox 5 are in the following links. Pam Schroeder, Chief, Division of Risk Management issued the following statement: “As the manager of MCSIP, Montgomery County continues to view CorVel as a valued partner and we look forward to a continued value-added relationship with both MC Innovations and CorVel.”

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PIO response to Fox 5
Fox 5 Letter of Apology